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Luc's Photos: 1997–1998

Luc & Tie
On the right, one of my favorite photos of Luc showing off his Cute Look™, taken by Libbye. On the left, Luc considers taking over the handling after Derek stumbles over himself in the ring at the Murfeesboro shows on October 4, 1998.
Luc Posing
Chasing the sheep
Luc likes to run very fast when chasing the sheep. Hopefully, he'll learn he doesn't need to – and I can get better pictures!
Herding decisions
Go to mom, or chase the sheep? A tough decision to make.
Herding clinic instructor Joe Kapelos has a talk with Luc about staying with him when told to.
Sharp criticism
Luc intently watches the other dogs herd, often offering his own commentary on their style and ability.
Growing Sheep
Herding clinic organizer Barb Woods denies the rumor that watering sheep poop in sawdust will grow sheep.
Sheep at night
The sheep decide it's safer by Derek than Libbye & Luc
Luc waits patiently for the command to go get the sheep.
Packers fan
Despite Luc's best efforts, the Pack still lost on MNF.
Walk on Libbye
Luc brings the sheep out of the corner, and the sheep try to trip up Libbye.
Border Collie impersionation
Luc does his Border Collie impersonation by trying to crouch while herding.
Harass the cat
Luc enjoys his favorite pastime around the house – harassing our cat, Phoebe.
Luc would like to know what's happening on your side of the computer screen.
1998 Terv National
From left to right, Derek and Luc, Linda Robey and Hunter, Libbye Miller and Quazar and Janet Boren and Rion at the 1998 Tervuren National in Delavan, Wisconsin.
Quiet moment
A rare quiet moment lounging on the couch with daddy.
Rion, Quazar, Hunter and Luc – March 1998
From left to right, Janet Boren and Rion, Linda Robey and Hunter, Derek and Jean-Luc and Libbye Miller and Quazar. This photo was taken at the Louisville Cluster in March, 1998, where the boys did very well. And, yes, it was as cold out as it looks.
Cute Look
Luc shows off his Cute Look™ while Kristina holds him for a photo, also at the Louisville Cluster.
Puppy chases sheep
Luc chases Cowboy, Speck and Goatboy around the round pen in an early herding lesson. Luc was awarded his HIC by Joe Kapelos on November 14, 1997 at Nashville Dog Training Club's Herding Clinic in Lebanon, Tennessee.
Look pitiful
It seemed like a long winter without any shows, so our elder statesman Zowie took Luc under his paw and gave him a lesson in being cute enough to get let in the house.
Luc and Rion in Knoxville
Derek and Luc, left, are joined by Janet Boren and Rion, right, at the Smoky Mountains Cluster in Knoxville, Tennessee, in October, 1997.
Waiting in the ring
Derek waits nervously for his turn and watches Janet Boren handle Luc's brother Rion at their very first show, the Greater Hickory KC show in Knoxville, Tennessee on Halloween weekend, 1997.
Nashville KC 1997 Tussle
Above, Luc plays with his brothers Quazar and Rion at the Elizabethtown Dog Training Club "OB" match in August, 1997. To the left, Luc goes to the Nashville KC show in September 1997 to visit with Grandma Linda.
A cute-as-can-be puppy arrives at our doorstep.
A pleasant fall evening to snuggle with a squirmy puppy.
Cute Puppy
Isn't he the cutest puppy ever?
A puppy in the hand is worth two in the bush...
More cute puppy pics. He doesn't carry his tail like this, though, now.
Jean-Luc – Puppy
Tiny sleeping puppy.
Tail up, head up, proud as can be, Luc gets ready to go home to his new owners.
Luc's mother Lyra shows that she could be in the ring at this very moment if it weren't for this silly gaggle of puppies who want to nurse.
An ultrasound of Lyra a month before the boys were born.